WWDC 2012: The Videos

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The WWDC Videos Are Posted

The WWDC Videos Are Posted

After only four days all the WWDC 2012 Videos are posted.
Last year this process took 2 weeks and I recall attendees were upset since it took away from those who spent thousands of dollars to fly to San Francisco and attend in person.

But now we have 113 videos across the following seven tracks:

General (2)

Essentials (42)

App Services (11)

Developer Tools (14)

Graphics, Media & Games (24)

Safari & Web (6)

Core OS (14)

I’m firing up iTunes to start the downloads.
May I suggest Session 101 – Platforms Kickoff (833 MB) as a great place to start.

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Episode #0: The Pilot

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The Pre-WWDC Show

The Pre-WWDC Show

Join the Xcode Nerd as he kicks-off his podcast and discusses the new no-contract iPhones 4S phones and rounds-up the top ten WWDC 2012 Rumors.

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WWDC 2012: Rumors

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iOS 6 Posters Go Up

iOS 6 Posters Go Up

The excitement over WWDC starting on Monday is reaching a fever pitch going into the weekend.

Apple isn’t even trying to hide iOS 6 as a poster goes up at the Moscone Center  touting “The world’s most advanced mobile operating system”.

The rumors about what will be announced and discussed next week are all over the map (pun intended).

I’ve rounded up the top ten popular rumors in order to either check them off or cross them out on Monday.

1. Dumping Google Maps in iOS 6.

2. All new hardware with the largest simultaneous hardware launch in Apple history and introducing Retina Displays and PowerBooks with no optical drives plus Ivy Bridge Chips and USB 3.0.

3. New MacBook Airs, PowerBooks, and even Desktop Power Macs (no updated Mini). Apple TV is even rumored to get an update.

4. No new iPhone but iOS 6 – which the poster confirms early.

5. Siri Classes in Cocoa Touch for Siri App Integration.

6. Siri extends beyond iPhone 4S and makes its way to the new iPad with iOS 6.

7. Facebook integration in iOS 6 like Twitter integration in iOS 5.

8. Apple TV Apps finally announced with an updated iTunes Store.

9. Mountain Lion Launch Date Announcement.

10. And finally, the now legendary, “I’ve cracked the TV” Apple iTV set top physical television rumor.

I’ll be watching the live blogs of the keynote at 1pm EST on Monday and keeping score.

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Virgin Mobile iPhone 4S

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Virgin Mobile iPhone 4S Launch

Virgin Mobile iPhone 4S Launch

Virgin Mobile, a pre-paid CDMA network sitting on top of Sprint, announced that on June 29th they would be offering the iPhone 4S on their awesome “Beyond Talk” no-contract plans. These plans, starting at $35 (which you can get down to $30 if you assign a credit card to your account plus all fees and taxes are included!), offer 300 minutes but (and this is the hook) Unlimited Data.  Sure they start throttling you after 2.5GB but its an iPhone 4S with Siri and just $30.

The Unlimited Text and 2.5GB Data is what makes this option shine which if you compare to say the CDMA Verizon network would set you back at minimum twice that as a comparison of a 450min plan = $40 + Data plan = $30 (capped at 2GB) + fees/taxes (and no texting).  Sure the iPhone is subsidized to $200 for the 16GB model but you more than pay the difference over the course of your 2 year contract (or $350 early termination fee).

Not sure yet if you can bring an unlocked phone to the party but you’d have to buy the phone which will set you back $650 for the 16GB model.

After the investment of the phone though you are just sinking $30 a month with zero commitment.

If you still don’t like it and hate contracts as much as I do go to T-Mo which is where I currently reside with my unlocked white 64GB iPhone 4S that I bought unlocked at the Apple Store.

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WWDC 2012 Sold Out

WWDC 2012 Sold Out

A year and a month ago WWDC 2011 was sold out in 1o hours.

This year WWDC 2012 was sold out in 2 hours!

I received the WWDCAlert perfectly but thought I had just a little more time.

WWDC 2010 took 4 days to sell out so at this rate next year it should take a couple of seconds!

The good news is that if last year is any indication 110 videos of the event were released 2 weeks later.

Not too shabby.  Looks like this will be the second year in a row that I’m not going.

WWDC 2013 here I come.

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iPad 3 Lines Started

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Apple Store Lines for New iPad Started

Apple Store Lines for New iPad Started

According to UPS tracking my new iPad is in Kentucky by way of Alaska and Hong Kong.

Louisville, KY, United States 03/15/2012
Anchorage, AK, United States 03/14/2012
Chek Lap Kok, Hong Kong 03/14/2012
Chengdu, China 03/14/2012
Chengdu, China 03/12/2012
EPZ, China 03/12/2012
China 03/12/2012

Meanwhile, lines are starting to form at Apple Stores in London, New York, etc.  Maybe they missed the fact you could order online or they tried to just too late and then went on-line.  Or maybe they wanted to go on the lines (they are fun).

Demand for the new high-definition iPad appears to be as high as it’s ever been. The stock (AAPL) cracked the $600 a share barrier today – which is an all-time high (and makes 1 share of Apple more expensive than an iPad).  The iPad’s sold out everywhere online, and Apple’s saying you’ll have to wait “2-3 weeks” if you order through its online store now. Your best bet to get one, if you’re determined to pick one up at launch, is going to be braving one of the now famous Apple Store lines.

They serve food and drinks (ice cream even) in the past, so at least you may have a chance and get some pampering in the process. Whether you get ice cream or end up watching folks in the food court spooning it up from a distance, it should be a great way to meet like-minded people and have fun.

One thing that’s strange – you think if they wanted it that bad they would have ordered it online on time.

Tomorrow – I’ll be reading my kindle app in HD.  I don’t know if I’ll be able to sleep.

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Apple Hit with a Siri Lawsuit

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Beta just isn't enough anymore

Beta just isn't enough anymore

Those iPhone 4S commercials were pretty good when they came out and all those viral videos on YouTube that showed people asking their iPhones things from where to bury people to what to where on their trip to Burma.  Did Siri ever work that well for you?  For me I use Siri for just about one thing: to make reminders.  That’s my use case.  Remind me about X tomorrow.  Basic calendar entry.  Anything else and I have had mixed results from poor to awful.  I do use it to ask for the stock price for Apple (all time high today at 568 but that’s another story).

I have been pissed off at some of the results I’ve received from Siri. But one dude in New York is so pissed off he has started a Class Action Lawsuit.  That’s right Frank M. Fazio is suing Apple for false advertisement.  What damages he is claiming is unclear (was he late for something).  Apparently, soon after the iPhone 4S went on sale last fall, Fazio says he bought one (the 32 GB model) because he was impressed by the Siri ads. Shortly after that, however, he found it didn’t work as he expected. When Fazio asked Siri for directions, he says it either didn’t understand him or, after a long wait, responded with the wrong answer.  Poor baby.

Fazio filed his suit as a class action meaning that if others decide to sue Apple over Siri, they’ll all likely become part of the same suit. An Apple spokesperson didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment giving the canned answer that Apple declines to comment on pending litigation.

Siri aside, Fazio’s claim that the iPhone 4S is just a more expensive iPhone 4 without the feature is technically wrong. The iPhone 4S has a dual-core processor, more storage and a redesigned antenna. Also, in the AT&T version, the data connection is faster. None of those features are available on the iPhone 4.  Frivolous?  Sounds like it.

I’m just counting the days until my “new” iPad arrives Friday.

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iPad 3 Pre-Orders Sold Out

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the New iPad Sold Out in Pre-Orders

the New iPad Sold Out in Pre-Orders

Today at 5:59:51AM EST I received an email from the Apple Store informing me my new iPad had been shipped.

Dear Xcode Nerd,

We’re happy to let you know that the items below are on their way to you. We also included delivery estimates and tracking information next to your shipping address.

Thanks for your time and for shopping with Apple.

– The Apple Store

Personalized iPad with Wi-Fi 64GB – White (3rd generation)
Part Number: PD330LL/A

By the way the tracking information shows the package weighs 1.3kgs and the scheduled delivery and current location are:

Scheduled Delivery:
Friday, 03/16/2012, By End of Day

Last Location:
Arrived – Chengdu, China, Monday, 03/12/2012

Meanwhile, the new iPad has sold out today in pre-orders at the online store.

Customers who pre-order an iPad today via the Apple website are being told they will have to wait up to three weeks.

According to accounts I’ve read customers are being told iPad pre-orders will ship on March 19th – three days after the new iPad goes on sale. Apple’s online stores for France, Germany, Switzerland and Japan are also reporting delays of up to three weeks.

Glad I ordered mine and it arrives end of week.

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Cocos2d Game Development: Chapter 4

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Spider Game Screenshot

Spider Game Screenshot

After my first week of Cocos2d Game Development I have finished Chapter 4 and created a test game app on my iPod Touch.

Its a modification of the sample app from Chapter 4 (DoodleDrop) with falling spiders and you play as Spider-Man trying to avoid them as they fall.

The chapter shows you how to use accelerometer input to move your character, keep score with Bitmap Fonts, play Audio, code collision detection, use Sprites and Scenes, Selectors and essentially build a full game.

I can’t wait to keep reading and coding and tinkering.  Cocos2d is awesome.

iOS 5.1 and Xcode 4.3.1

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Xcode 4.3.1 in the AppStore

Xcode 4.3.1 in the AppStore

After yesterday’s announcement of iOS5.1 the AppStore is sporting Xcode 4.3.1.

This release contains the following six highlights:

1. Includes SDKs for Mac OS X 10.7 Lion and iOS 5.1
2. New code signing workflow supports signing OS X apps with Developer ID
3. Adds installation of command-line tools to the Downloads preference pane
4. Open Developer Tool menu launches Instruments, File Merge, and other tools
5. ARC migration tool converts both retain/release and garbage collected code
6. And the catch-all: Additional bug fixes and stability improvements

I’ll stick to 4.2.1 for a bit but this is an exciting update.

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